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Fixing What Never Should Have Been Broken!

I recently shared the beginning of our story. You can read my thoughts about what happens when others get a say instead of God. I talked about how we got things “fixed”. When the truth is we really broke something they God never intended for my husband and I to break. After we left the office is when things needed fixed.

Fixing Something That Never Should Have Been Broken ~

If you have ever priced having things reversed it isn’t cheap. When the twins were around 2 I started really researching it. However, at the time the price seemed too much for us to handle. Over time that dream got put on the shelf. That is where it sat for the last 3 years. Just within the last 6 months have a seriously been looking into it again.

I knew that if this is what we were supposed to do God would provide the finances, and the healing that we needed. To secure your appointment you have to put down a nice size deposit. The money came through and we took that first step. They scheduled us for the end of April. Then, me and all my impatience stalked the appointments, just praying for a cancellation.  It wasn’t 2 days and an appointment opened up for February…I snagged it. This also meant that  I…no God had just a couple weeks to pull together the remaining funds needed the day of the surgery. We received word of a check coming that would cover everything we need plus some. I was beyond thrilled. God not only set our appointment up in record time, but provided the money to pay cash for the procedure.

The day came, and off we went. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. My hubs on the other hand would get excited once it was all over. We were finally getting the restoration our hearts had longed for the past 6 years! We received one of the best reports that a couple could ask for. Our chances of finally getting to add to our family were 99%. One doctor had told us that things were only working at 50% before the original surgery, yet now after this my husband was in better shape than before. Isn’t that just like God?! Not only to show up but to show off just how amazingly awesome He is!

God has a plan for our family, and it is bigger than my mind could ever ask or think. He is in the business of miracles. If you have faith and believe, He can do so much more than we ever thought possible. Part 3 of our story is coming soon!

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What Happens When Others Get A Say Instead Of God?

Have you ever made a mistake so huge you feel as if your heart could break? This is my journey of being young, naive, and letting people who opinions shouldn’t matter have a bit too much say in your life.

Have you stopped and asked God what His plan is for your family? -

If it is true that age is a matter of perspective, then at that time I was the most young immature girl in the world. My husband and I had just welcomed our twins into our family in January. With them being baby 3 and 4 in our family, the comments immediately began. Are you all finished? This is it right….you are going to get this taken care of? So, when is the surgery to have this “fixed”. At the time I let all of these people’s opinions shape the direction of my family.

The boys were born in January and in November my husband lost his job. We had 30 days before our medical insurance would be canceled. Not knowing what all we would be faced with, we quickly made every check up and dental appointment for the 6 of us that could be squeezed in. In the midst of all those appointments, was the one that we would both regret the moment we left the office. We went and got things “fixed”.  I remember leaving that office and thinking we just made the biggest mistake of our marriage yet.

Why is it that we allow people who shouldn’t matter to influence the decisions of our families. What I have learned from this entire experience is that no one’s opinion matters except God’s. In the midst of all the opinions, did I ever stop and ask HIM what his opinion was for my family? No, I let people who I see once or twice a year impact something that was none of their business. Why do people think they have a right to comment on the size of my family? They don’t!

If you are young and on the fence about a major family decision, I encourage you to seek the Father about what to do. Block out the millions of opinions of people who shouldn’t have a say. Get alone with your spouse and pray about the direction you are supposed to take. I pray none of you have to endure the regret and frustration that I have had on my journey.

However, I know my God is faithful and FULL of grace. Even when we mess up with something that seems can’t be undone, He is there in the midst. My story isn’t over, and I can’t wait to share the next part of our journey!


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A Daddy and His Daughter

I remember when each of my children were born. I can recount every detail and those are some of the happiest days of my life. When my oldest son was born it was overwhelming to be a first time dad. The older her grew, the more I enjoyed playing with my little man cub. I was young, but I thought I was getting the hang of this parenting thing. All that changed April 5, 2005 when I held my daughter in my arms for the first time.

A Daddy and His Daughter -

Nothing on this planet could have prepared me for this princess who would steal my heart. I have watched her grow over the last 8 years and a special bond has developed. I have 3 boys, and I love my children equally, but there is something special about a daddy and his daughter.

I find myself continually bewildered by this complex and unpredictable human. I look at my sons and I can tell you what they are thinking. I look at my daughter and then go ask Heather for help. She proudly proclaims that she is “part girly-girly and part tomboy” and is determined she is going to be the first child in the family to shoot a deer. She loves American Girl dolls and watching the Avengers. She wants me to scratch her back for hours, but joins right in with her brothers during wrestle time.

I work incredibly hard at my relationship with my daughter. I want to be the type of dad that she runs to and not from. I want to be a rock that she can lean on and be there for her. Most important, I want to be a Godly dad to my daughter that teaches her a young woman should be treated with respect and honor. I make time for her. I have learned that my daughter craves my attention and sometimes sitting in her room for an hour listening to her talk about all the things an 8 year old talks about means the world to her.

I will admit that I am a protective father with old school values. And you want to know something, I am OK with that. I look around at the new school with its teen mom reality shows, Victoria’s Secret new Bright Young Things lingerie line FOR TWEENS (want to see me on a rampage, ask my opinion of this stupidity), declining morality and I want nothing to do with it.

I want my daughter raised in a home where virginity is prized and not mocked. I want to raise her to become a confident young woman that pursues her God given destiny. I want her to know that she is more than just a prize for some future man’s conquest. I want my daughter to have the self confidence to demand respect from every man she meets for the rest of her life.

I know, this may sound like a wish list, but my wife and I work very hard ever day to make all these things happen. We stick to our values now while she is 8, laying the foundation for her values when she is a teen. I encourage my daughter to grow and become the lady that God created her to be, and not try to conform to society or anyone else’s preconceived ideas. We build her confidence now, so that she will refuse to change to please some future man.

We are going to make mistakes along the way and I am sure the protective dad in me will embarrass my daughter all throughout her teenage years. I am perfectly OK with that. My daughter went through a phase where she thought it was cute to backtalk Heather and myself. The eyes rolled, the shoulders sighed and the feet started stomping.

I sat my daughter down just the two of us and had a talk. I told her that I love her with all my heart, so much that I was willing to be her dad and not her friend. I am willing to be the bad guy for a moment if it means correcting my daughter. I will stand my ground on the principals I believe in and raise my daughter to become a Godly young lady.

I do not take my role in her life lightly. I know I have one chance in this life to do things right. There are no do-0vers. I have this little princess in my life that melts my heart. I owe it to her to be the best dad in the world because she deserves the best.


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