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Reading Love

Both my husband and I have always been readers. Well, let me correct that. When I was younger and before children, I loved to read. Somehow with the craziness of having 4 kids in 4 years I lost my inner bookworm somewhere. I was still buying them, just not taking the time to read them.  As my kids have gotten get older, I wanted so badly for them to love reading as I did as a child. I tried several different books and could never spark an interest. After we moved, we went several months without cable. (Best thing we ever did!) The kids lost their addiction for TV and found their love for books. I also began taking the time to read again.  Now, my older two are going through books so fast we are visiting our favorite bookstores about once a week!
We have also started family reading time. About a month ago we were reading Swiss Family Robinson. My husband had the great idea to turn out all the lights and light candles all around the living room as we read that night. We were reading the part about the ship going down in the storm, and one of our Oklahoma storms came rolling in. As we were reading about their storm, we were listening to our own right outside. The thunder and lightening were an amazing effect to our reading hour. I think that will be a memory that last in their little minds for years to come.
If you have a hard time getting your children to read here are some different ways that we have tried that the children love. Reading can and should be fun!
-Make a tent or fort and have reading time inside it.
-Turn all the lights out and read by candle light.
-Make trips to the bookstore and library to let them look around and choose their own book.
-Join summer reading programs so they can earn rewards for their reading.
-Take the books outside. My kids LOVE to read on the deck.


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You CAN Do It!

It is summer time and school is out. For kids, school is the farthest thing from their little minds but for parents we are in full planning mode. For those that already know they are going to homeschool, it is the time to research new curriculum choices, order all the fun new stuff. (this is like Christmas to me… I LOVE getting all the new stuff in the mail!)

For those that are still on the fence, this is the point where they have the debate with themselves on if they can  REALLY homeschool successfully.  I have heard so many moms say, “I’m not good at stuff like that.”  Let me just be really honest, neither was I!  I think I have done all the wrong things before getting one thing right. Being brought up in the public school system, I put homeschool in a box. I thought we had to have a room that looked like a classroom, that we had to use boxed textbook curriculum and that each child had to be in the same grade for every subject. Throughout this year, the Lord has really been working on my heart to make some changes. The kids were not having fun and dreaded school. That is NOT the way it is supposed to be!
I have been diving into books and blogs reading anything I could find on homeschooling. No, I didn’t need someone to tell me how to do it, but I did need some encouragement to think outside the box.
For the first time, I am piecing together our curriculum from lots of different sources. It is OK for your 3rd grader to be in 4th grade math but 3rd grade science. Each child is different. Don’t be afraid of ruining your kids’ education. They are learning even when you think they are not! Each child works at its own pace, and no two children are going to be the same.  This took me a bit to realize, but taking the pressure off of my kids to be their own person instead of living up to their siblings has really helped their confidence levels.
Always remember that if you need help, ASK! There are tons of homeschool moms all over and most are more than willing to lend a hand or ear should you need to talk. We have all been there in the beginning and though the journey can be hard, it is the most rewarding journey you will ever take!
Above all remember that you always have The Word of God to turn to and it has the answers to anything we could ever ask.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart;do not depend on your own understanding.Seek his will in all you do,and he will show you which path to take.” Proverbs 3:5-6 (NLT)
 Be blessed and encouraged! You can do this thing called homschool!


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