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Stonehenge with Mystery of History

Well you all know about my love for Mystery of History. I wanted to show an update review on where we are with using the curriculum. My kids are loving the activities that we do with the lessons.

One of the recent lessons that we have been working on was Stonehenge. I was searching around looking for some fun projects to do for this one. I came across this Stonehenge Kit on Amazon. It is a great little kit for only $6.95 and it went along very nicely with our lesson.

 Of course we are still working on our fabulous lapbooks that come with the supplementals from Mystery of History. My kids really enjoy putting these together. I usually take one of our history days, and make it a lapbook day. We work on all the coordinating portions for the lessons we have been studying. We pull everything out on our big kitchen table. They kids to to town working on them for the afternoon.

If you haven’t checked out Mystery of History head on over to Bright Ideas Press to see all the details. We are loving it!


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Is Your History As Fun As Ours?

I have to admit I have never been interested in History. My husband, on the other hand, is a History buff, and loves it! Naturally because it isn’t my thing I have never really enjoyed teaching it. Until now!


Mystery of History is not your typical history curriculum. Between the fabulous content of the book, the fantastic lapbooks, and all the other extras that you can get to go along with it, there is never a boring lesson. My kids are loving history now, and we are ALL learning so much together.

Coloring the Continents

For one of our activities each of my kiddos are making their own lapbooks. We were just introduced to lapbooks last year, and they have quickly become a favorite in our house. Bright Ideas Press offers a supplement for the lapbooks, that come with easy to follow directions. All you have to do is print them out. We are taking 1 day each week during our history time to add to our lapbooks.

Adding the covers to the lapbooks

There are also activities listed with each lesson. We are doing several of those, as well. Last week, when learning about Adam naming all the animals God created, the kids made their own creation from clay and named them. They all loved this. My kids are very artsy so anything to do with arts and crafts is perfect for them. Here, are their creations:


The start of our clay creatures

Monkey’s Lion Snake


Tink’s Rhino Giraffe


Froggy’s Whale Shark

The Artist’s Scorpitron

I have a surprise up my sleeve for these week’s lessons. I am hoping I can pull it off. We are studying Dinosaurs the day before we leave on a trip. We will be VERY close to Glen Rose, TX, and it is loaded with fun things to do all centered around our big extinct friends. 🙂

So is your history as fun as ours? If not be sure to visit Bright Ideas Press!


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First Day of 2012/2013 School Year

I started my morning bright and early making sure to get in my reading and quiet time with God before the busy day started. I thought I had allowed plenty of time to get everything finished that I needed to do before the kids all woke up. Apparently I forgot to factor in the first day of school excitement and the first little one rolled out of bed an hour earlier than usual. I guess all the new curriculum and the school room had them all excited!

It wasn’t long before all 4 had joined me, and we were ready to get our day going. We made scrambled eggs and cheese for breakfast. Then before, we got into the school work, we made sure to do the kiddos pictures so we could show off how big they are all getting.

Our new schedule is going to work great for us. At least from what I can tell now. Of course, things are always subject to change. Today was Mystery of History day, and tomorrow we will dive in to Swimming Creatures from Apologia. The kids had a blast, and everyone loved all of the new curriculum. The older two are ecstatic that they are getting to do their math on Mommy’s computer this year. The twins felt a bit left out on this area, but I am trying to make their math just as fun. (They aren’t old enough for Teaching Textbooks yet.)

All in all we had a fantastic day! I could not have asked for a better first day. How was your families first day back to school?

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