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See the Light: Outstanding Biblically-Based Art Curriculum With High School Credit

The outstanding quality of See the Light art curriculum is a well-known fact in homeschool circles. Most families have seen the beauty, practicality, and Christ-centeredness of See the Light Art Class.

See The Light: Art Projects...promising excellent quality, exceeding national standards, and fulfilling high school credit requirements.

But did you know that their Year 2 DVD’s are a wonderful addition to your homeschool curriculum for older students?

SEE THE LIGHT ART PROJECTS dvds are a great option for the family that wants a high-quality program that meets (and even exceeds) all the National Visual arts standards.

SEE THE LIGHT can easily supply the 60 hours of instruction to qualify for a half-credit elective and with a little supplemental work, a full credit in Visual Arts. For detailed information on how to make this a course, please see the PDF file on our website.

What is there to love about Art Projects?

  • Engaging lessons teaching art skill and history in the comfort of your home
  • Excellent quality content…exceeding national standards
  • Biblical world view tied beautifully into every lesson
  • Eligibility for high school credit
  • Reasonable prices

Art Projects by See the Light

Excited? Good. Today we are giving away 6 complete sets of Art Projects. Each of our 6 winners will receive all 9 DVD’s in the Art Projects collection focusing on the study of these famous artists and their techniques:



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Using All American History With Little Ones

Join me today over at Bright Ideas Press to see how you can use All American History with little ones. I was looking for an American History curriculum that we could do as a family. In this season of my life I need things to be as streamline as possible. I was so excited to find that Bright Ideas Press offered a Jr. pack to go along with their American History. Click on over to see how great this product is! 

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Homeschooling While Pregnant

Homeschooling while pregnant- Now I realize this is not a big deal for some, but for others that aren’t so great at being pregnant it is a huge deal. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about being pregnant AT ALL. I couldn’t be more excited. I am just not one of those olive on a toothpick type of girls. I don’t have the easiest time during the 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd trimesters.

Homeschooling and Pregnancy

I envy the girls that can look all fashionable and darling during this blessed time of their lives. I wish I could be one of those. Somehow I got the swell as big as possible and be as frumpy as possible genes when it comes to these 9 months. So, needless to say homeschooling on a daily basis while going through this phase is a bit of a challenge.

If pregnancy takes it’s toll on you like it does me, you can still homeschool through it. There have been days that I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. On those days all the kids brought their books to my bedroom and we worked through it. On the days I was feeling a little more up to par, we got the more intensive projects completed. Lesson planning has been few and far between. I have a general idea of what has to be done, and then we just take it day by day. Science may be a super fun project on a good day, or an Awesome Science video from Mardel Homeschool on the not so good days. And you know what? It’s OK.

My kids are still getting a quality education each day. Whether it be from a traditional method, or a method that lets us take it a bit easier that day. Regardless of how they are learning, just know that they are. They are little sponges soaking up every piece of information that you are able to get to them that day.

So pregnant homeschool mom, take it easy on yourself. This is an amazing journey that your family is on. Don’t let stress or discouragement steal the joy that this time brings.

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