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To The Homeschool Mom Who Is Ready To Quit

You just finished the worst day on the books this year. The tears started at handwriting, and it went downhill from there. Trust me we have all had those days. The days when you are ready to march down to the local school and enroll your entire family. Wouldn’t that be so much easier anyway? Let someone else teach them, and you get them back for the fun times after school. The thought crosses your mind, but you know in your heart that would only make you miserable.

To The Homeschool Mom Ready to Quit

Why? Because, homeschooling is your  ministry. No, it may not be super glamorous all the time, and yes it is hard work. It takes commitment and dedication. It is your ministry, it is what you were called to do at this season in your life. Your children are the greatest gift that a mother could ever be given. Our children are a heritage of the Lord. He has given them to us to nurture, protect, and to train up in the way they should go. What is that way? To follow after God with their whole hearts, to strive to be absolutely great for Him.

Homeschooling will not always be easy, but the good far out weighs the bad. Getting to wake up and teach your child something new. Seeing their little eyes light up when they finally catch that concept they have been struggling with, that is the greatest gift. In that moment, you forget all the bad for a few minutes and see that what you are doing really is working.

So homeschool mom who is ready to quit….DON’T! What you are doing is a ministry. I know when the bad days come, I stop and remember that. It helps to know what I am doing really is worth the hard work.


I am sharing this on Titus Tuesday.

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I Don’t Feel Like Being Perfect Today!

It’s around 10:00 am and you are just relaxing drinking your cup of coffee. The week is about over and you are taking an easy approach to the day. Then you decide to check your phone. There is a missed call from your friend wanting to know if the play date is still on.

Don't Feel Like Being Perfect

You forgot! You take a quick evaluation of your house and realize that it is a complete mess. Kids are running around in pj’s and you are sitting in yoga pants and a t-shirt. In that moment you have a choice. You can either choose to stress yourself out and pretend to be the perfect housewife who has it all together. Or you can be real.

A few months ago I would have ran through my house like a crazy lady throwing stuff in closets, cleaning at a rate of speed that would make your head spin. I am pretty certain children would have been yelled at to get in line and help get the mess picked up. They would have been stressed, I would have been stressed, and no one would be in a good mood. Then we would all suck it up, put on our perfect little faces to pretend that everything is fine.

Today as the above scenerio of forgetting a play date unfolded, I sat in my chair with my coffee and honestly thought, “I don’t feel like being perfect today!” I don’t want to run around here cleaning like mad and pretending we are a perfect little family. We are real people. There are 6 of us in our house, and my house isn’t perfect. We have pj days and you know what? It is OK.

Here is what I said instead. I forgot today was the day…my house is a mess and I have nothing to fix for lunch. In response I got, “I have kids and understand messes in the house. Want me to bring you some lunch?”

So on this day instead of all the chaos. I told my kids we were having a play day. We straightened up the best we could, got dressed, and got ready to play. Real friends understand. They don’t expect us to be perfect. So many times we add all the stress to ourselves, when in reality we need to just be real.

“Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because Those Who Mind Don’t Matter and Those Who Matter Don’t Mind.”~ Dr. Suess

This quote is one of my very favorites. Can I tell you how much more relaxed the day has gone? It is a night and day difference. I don’t want my kids to resent company coming over because I turn in to the ogre mommy right before they get here. I want it to be a time of fun and great memories. The quote is true, those that matter really don’t mind. A real friend is coming to spend time with you. They aren’t coming to evaluate if you are a good housekeeper and mom. So relax, do the best you can do, and don’t worry about the rest.

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Give Yourself Grace!

Have you ever had one of those days that nothing seems to go right? The laundry is piled a mile high, both on the couch waiting to be folded and in the hampers waiting to be washed. Toys are strung from one end of the house to the other. You decide on an easy no fail dinner, only to have the canned tomato soup over flow all over the stove top. Then you go to get the kids bathed and in jams for the night only to realize you haven’t even gotten dressed that day. Yeah one of those days.

The kind when you feel like the biggest failure of a mom on this planet. As I write this I am smack dab in the middle of one of those days. I have a million things going, and not being very productive at a single one of them. We ALL have those days. No matter how picture perfect someone’s life looks through pics or what they write, it isn’t. No ones is. As much as I would love for you all to think that my house always looks like this:

Homeschool Room

The reality is it doesn’t! Except for on Saturdays for about an hour when we detail clean. 99.9% of the time it looks a little more like this:


And as much as I would love for you to think that my makeup is on and my hair is all pulled nicely in a cute clip like on my sidebar. Yeah well I hate to tell you it isn’t! Usually it is a messy bun and no makeup around here. Let’s face it, we are moms. We are busy homeschooling, working, blogging, or whatever it is that God has called  us to at this moment in our lives. We have a purpose, and some days it isn’t as pretty as we would like for it to be. Sometimes it is just flat our crazy, but on those days you dish yourself a huge portion of GRACE.

When you feel overwhelmed and like a failure….you aren’t.  I think sometimes we are the most critical of ourselves. Give yourself some grace. Know that you are not alone. We all go through times like these. {like me…today} Instead of beating myself up, I am just going to scoop me some soup off of the kitchen counter and heaping portion of grace.


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