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Guess I Should Introduce…

I realized I had not introduced my sweet little family to you yet. Well here it goes. Matt and I have been married for 11 years (in September), and we have 4 amazing full of life children. For the sake of the blog I am going to be giving each of my kids a nickname. (just so you don’t think I lost my mind when naming my children)

My oldest son “The Artist” is 9 and starting the 4th grade in the fall. (my where does the time go?)

My only girl out of the group is Tinker Bell who is 7 and she is starting 2nd grade in the fall.

Last but not least are my identical twin boys who are 5 and starting K in the fall.
The first and oldest twin (by 2 minutes) is Monkey.

 Froggy (named for his love of frogs) 🙂

Well that is our troop. Each fun and different in their own ways and they each bring more joy to my life than I could have ever hoped for.

In Him,
The Cook Family

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We are ready to run!

For a while now, I have been really feeling that there was something missing from our lives. We have always attended church and known there was a call on our lives. However, we haven’t ever truly pursued what our calling was meant to be. I can not begin to tell you in this one small post of all the changes the Lord has brought to our family over the past year, but the start of this blog is the beginning of something great, that I can be sure of.
A year ago we were a typical American family with our priorities, well lets just say, not as they should have been. Spending hours watching tv, not spending quality time with our little ones, and never really spending quiet time with God. Both my husband and I started to feel very restless and began to really focus on what was missing from our lives.  Our kids have always been very well taken care of, but we lacked a close relationship with each. We recently bought our first home and decided with the fresh start for our family it was time for an overhaul on how we live!
Join us as we start our ministry and share with you all the trials, triumphs, and teachings that we are learning along our way.


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