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Sometimes Life is a Blur

To say that the first semester of our school year was a blur, would be an understatement. I have taken on the role as Director for Classical Conversations, and have started  a new community in our small town here. My family needed some change, and this just felt right. It has been a lot of work, but worth EVERY single bit of it. In fact, it is the best thing I have done for my children in a very long time.

Life is a Blur

We adore the families that God has brought to our CC community. Everyone fits perfectly and my children are thriving. My husband is tutoring Foundations, and I am tutoring Essentials in addition to being the director. We are never bored that is for sure. My children have learned more than I thought possible in this first 12 weeks of class. Our entire family looks forward to each and every Monday. There are CC communities all of the country. If you are interested you should really go and visit a campus close to you, I promise you won’t regret it!

We are now in our winter break for our schooling this year. However, it seems as though my calendar is overwhelmingly full. I was hoping to have a few weeks to rest, but with all the Christmas parties and activities that doesn’t look like it will happen. It’s the time of year that we are start reflecting on the things we would like to change for the upcoming year, and are grateful for the things that went right for us. I just want to encourage you to enjoy every moment of this Holiday season. The one thing that I have realized is that life is a blur. We celebrated our baby turning 1 this week. Where on earth did this past year go? It seems life just keeps flying right on by in high gear. The one thing that I want to change for the upcoming year is to stop and enjoy the small moments a bit more. My kids are getting older, and I want them to remember the sweet memories of our family.

So, even though things are all a hustle and bustle right now, don’t forget to stop and spend some quality time with those closest to you. Especially your little ones, for they won’t be little but for a tiny little season of your life.

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So Many Changes So Little Time

Did you think I had a baby and suddenly fell off the face of the earth? Well, I kind of did! I have been soaking in TONS of family time, working, and schooling of course. There are so many changes going on in our little world, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

We are winding down our school year as we speak, and will be doing bits and pieces all throughout the summer. We are also gearing up for our trip to Dallas for Teach Them Diligently! I can not wait to finally hug some of my bloggy friend’s necks once we get there.  Some I have met before (over a year ago) and some will be the first time to meet face to face.

As far as changes in our homeschool…let’s just say we are jumping on board with so many others, with Classical Conversations. I have spent hours and hours reading books, and learning all about this amazing program. Our entire family is just giddy to begin in the fall. Of course, I will be blogging all about it. How it works for our family, what our schedule looks like, and the resources that we use.

If you aren’t familiar with CC, feel free to email me and I will share some of the info that I have come across during my research.

All that to say, the blog will be changing a bit in the homeschool realm. I will still be sharing encouragement, about “those” oils, and about my sweet little ones.

In the mean time I hope everyone is getting out to enjoy the amazing weather we are having. (well at least where I live) Do you have any big plans this summer?

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Using Essential Oils To Help With Mastitis

Any woman who has ever had mastitis can tell you it is one of the most painful things you can go through. I have never had mastitis before so this was a first for me. I think I would rather have another C-section than have another bout of mastitis. It was that painful!

How I Used Essential Oils to Help with Mastitis

Over the past few years our family has been transitioning to a more natural way of dealing with ailments. Back in the day I would have rushed to start taking the meds that the doc called in for me. Let me tell you it was tempting with the amount of pain that I was in. However, I decided to use the oils that I had on hand. Did you know using essential oils can help with mastitis?  I LOVE essential oils! I use them daily on just about everything you can think of. We have been using Essential Oils on various things throughout the last few years, but to be honest I wasn’t completely sure they could handle treating an infection that bad and painful.

I started dosing myself with oils morning, noon, and night. I used Frankincense, Thieves, and Oregano on the bottoms of my feet. Then I used Lavender, and Frankincense directly on my chest. Within 24 hours I noticed drastic improvement. After 48 hours, my fever was breaking on a regular basis, and I was feeling human again. By day 3, I was back to my old self. With the exception of being really tired, all the symptoms were gone.

I am now a fanatic when it comes to my Young Living Essential Oils!

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