Welcome to The Joyful Family

How it all got started:

Like most moms I am busy in the day to day routine of homeschooling my children. I wasn’t looking for something to do. In fact, I was looking for less to do! I read various homeschool blogs to be connected with others in the homeschool community, but I had never considered starting my own. I starting getting the nudge from the Holy Spirit to launch a blog. I hesitated {by the way, not jumping when the Lord says jump is not a great idea} for a while. He wouldn’t let it go, so neither did I. Thus, The Joyful Family was launched. About 6 months into this journey, we made the decision to bring Matt along side me in the bloggy world.

The Joyful Family’s focus is on family, marriage, parenting, and homeschool. We want to be an encouragement for Christian families. The world we live in, throws lots of bumps in the road when trying to raise our children on the narrow road, we would like to offer prayer and encouragement to those families.

Homeschool is a big focus of the blog, as well. The Joyful Family offers support, ideas, and help for homeschool families. We write about things that have helped our own family through the years, such as, curriculum, scheduling, projects and co-ops.


About Us:

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We are a homeschooling family of 5 years to 5 incredible children! Our family lives in a tiny little town in Oklahoma. We first started homeschooling when our oldest was in Kindergarten. We originally tried public school for our children, and it was just not for us. When we first started our homeschool journey, neither of us had any intentions of sticking with it till the end. The goal was to put them in private school the first chance we got. However, God has other plans for our sweet little ones. After our first year, and seeing our son thrive, we quickly realized that the best place for our children, was at home.  Now, there isn’t one person in our family who can imagine it any other way.

We are also the owners of Avodah Coffee! If you love a fresh roasted coffee that supports amazing foundations, come and check us out. Our coffee is all Fair Trade Organic. Meaning you can have an awesome cup of joe without the chemicals, and drink it with a clear conscience! (we also have an affiliate program)

About Heather:

profile for aboutI am so excited that you are joining us at The Joyful Family. In my spare time I enjoy reading, hands on crafts, and spending time outdoors with my family. Creativity seems to be my niche in life. I like to tinker with things until I figure it out. {sometimes this is good, and sometimes this is not} I was raised in public school through elementary. I was homeschooled in jr. high, and went to private christian school for high school. So I have a little bit of knowledge in 3 schooling types.

I have heart to help homeschool families. So many times I hear other’s say that they could never do it. I want to show them how easy it can be, and help them get started on the greatest journey I have ever been on.

About Matt:


I think the best way to introduce myself is to say that I enjoy life. I am married to my best friend and woman of my dreams. We our raising four incredible children together and having a blast along the way. When I am not at work, I am spending time with my family and loving every minute of it.

Like my wife, I have a love for coffee. I may not match her addiction, but we both can certainly drink our fair share. I love being outdoors, whether it is working on my house, walking through the woods or playing with my children. I also have a passion for music, especially worship music. Playing the drums during worship services will have that affect on you.

I was raised in a Christian home, so I have known God my whole life. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than too see my children follow in that path. I strive to be a Godly dad and husband that leads my family by example.

Connect With The Joyful Family:

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