THM Coffee Creamer Alternative

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a coffee addict. Not just like a one cup a day addict….more like a pot plus some kind of girl. Before Trim Healthy Mama I was a flavored creamer person. Maybe verging on the edge of having a little bit of coffee with my cup of creamer. (maybe that is why I was 100 pounds overweight??) Um, duh you think?Well, that and so many other bad choices.

When I first started THM my coffee switch over was the absolute hardest part for me. I was so accustomed to having sugar in my coffee that I couldn’t quite get the taste buds to accept the new sweeteners. I tried EVERYTHING and nothing was cutting it. It just didn’t quite have that yummy creamy texture and sweet flavor that I enjoyed in my morning brew.

Now that I am almost ten months into this thing I have several fabulous options and I am completely happy with my coffee again. My go to is 1 teaspoon of Super Sweet, a splash of caramel extract, and a bit of Half and Half. To me this is just as yummy as any of my previous store bought creamers.  My problem with this method was that I was having coffee all day long and the Half and Half kept me in constant crossover mode and made me stall in my weightloss.

Trim Healthy Mama Coffee Creamer Alternative

My new discovery is NutPods! Cue the angels singing and a happy dance in my kitchen. This stuff is amazingly creamy and absolutely delicious! IF only I had known about it at the beginning of my journey. It is completely on plan and won’t derail your weight loss journey. You can enjoy it with and “E” meal or “S” or even just your afternoon cup of joe and stay on plan without messing up your day. I pair mine with a teaspoon of Super Sweet and it is perfection in a cup.

So if you are new and struggling with your coffee transition this might just help you along the journey. Plus if I could add a shameless plug for my husband and I’s roasting business….Let me just tell you that a good quality coffee is the absolute key to a great cup of coffee. Avodah Coffee is Fair Trade Organic and fresh roasted. If you have never had fresh roasted coffee then you are truly missing out. It really makes all the difference!


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