Sacrificing To Homeschool

Sacrificing to homeschool doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. To me though, homeschooling is the biggest blessing, but with that blessing there are certain sacrifices that sometimes we must make. There are always different phases of life. Sometimes, finances are tighter than we would care to admit. Other times the mental strain that a rough homeschool day can take on us is more than we would like to bare.

Sacrificing to Homeschool

Trust me I have been there. I’ve had those days when the pressure of things not going right starts to weigh you down. I’ve had the thoughts that make me want to march to the closest school and enroll them all. After all wouldn’t that be easier? Wouldn’t it be great to have 8 hours to myself everyday to clean the house, or even get a job that would eliminate all of our financial hardships?

The financial end of things alone is enough to cause most to think twice about jumping into homeschool. The curriculum costs, having to give up that second income, never having a spare moment to yourself. Those are all things that can weigh on a homeschool mom’s mind. However, I firmly believe that if you are called to homeschool your family, then God is big enough to fill in the gaps that may happen financially. Through our obedience comes His blessing.

I can tell you I have had years where I didn’t even know how in the world I would afford the curriculum that I needed. But, God has always come through for us. Whether it be through an amazing sale, someone blessing me with the books, or an odd job that is the amount I needed to pay for what we needed, it always works itself out.

I know when we have been in hard times, so many people wonder why I don’t just give it up. After all wouldn’t that be the responsible thing to do? Send everyone off to school so that I could get a job to help with the financial end of things. Thankfully my husband is not one of those people. He fully supports me being at home to homeschool our children. I do know this, that even though it may not make sense to someone looking in from the outside, we are doing exactly what God has called us to do. In the end that is all that matters. Not what other’s think of our decision, but what HE thinks?

Is all the sacrificing really worth it? OF COURSE! There is no greater gift to me than being able to homeschool my children. Sure there are times I have had to give up a modern convenience, or set out from an activity that we really wanted to do. In the long run, those are just things, and hold no eternal value. What I am imparting into my children is so much more.

Have you had to sacrifice something in order to homeschool? It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it!



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I am a wife of 15 years to my best friend, mom to 6 incredible little ones, and a daughter of the King! Join me on my journey as I strive to serve the Lord with all my heart and live my life to the fullest!

3 Responses to Sacrificing To Homeschool

  1. Rebecca August 8, 2013 at 7:31 pm #

    It is worth it! And God provides – right down to every single penny!

  2. Kathy August 8, 2013 at 10:10 pm #

    I had been homeschooling my 2 boys until recently my husband told me he didn’t really support me and he felt that God had not led me to homeschooling even though on many occasions I told my husband that God told me to do so. I am heartbroken that this year I am bring forced to put them in public school, although you do not know me I would appreciate prayers during this time.


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