To The Homeschool Mom Overwhelmed Before You’ve Even Began

For some homeschool moms this is their favorite time of year. New curriculum that you have carefully planned out. New school supplies you have searched for the best deals on. A clean slate, and eager little ones ready to dig in.

Homeschool Mom Overwhelmed

To the homeschool mom overwhelmed, it is a time of feeling worried and anxious. The abundance of curriculum to choose from. How will you ever pick the right thing? The schedule worries. Will I be a good enough teacher to give my kids what they need? They school year hasn’t even started yet and you are already feeling like a failure.

Don’t worry! You can do this thing called homeschool. Not only can you do it, but you can rock it. You will be the best teacher your child could have ever dreamed of. You will build close relationships with each of your children, and love it.

It’s so important to not get bogged down with all the details. Take a more relaxed approach and watch your children flourish like never before. When it comes to curriculum, be flexible. Make your purchase work for you not against you. You have the ability to change things up so that it is exactly what your children need.

When it comes to scheduling, be flexible. We have done things both ways in our homeschool. We have followed a rigid schedule and we have been flexible. I find when I am trying to make everyone conform to a rigid schedule we all get frustrated pretty quickly. We still have an agenda of things that have to get done in each day, but we aren’t bound by a timer.

Most importantly- HAVE FUN! Don’t let the stress of the details take the joy out of your homeschool year.

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