Kindness IS Powerful with Mystery of History

We are moving right along in our Mystery of History this year. Though we have taken it a little bit slower than the usual pace, we are really loving this curriculum. As all the homeschool moms know it is a relief to find something that everyone enjoys. We made it to the lesson on Naomi and Ruth. The story of Naomi and Ruth is one of my very favorites. It ranks right up there with the story of Esther in my book.

 Kindness is Powerful

In each lesson there are activities for the different levels of students. For my 4 little ones we always do the younger students portion. For the lesson on Naomi and Ruth the activity was to do a kind deed or a random act of kindness for someone. We learned that kindness is powerful.

This was such a great activity that came in perfect timing for our family. I recently shared how a complete stranger bought our dinner without even telling us before they left. This was a great time to put that lesson into practice. My children all love giving, and they have the sweetest little hearts.

For our random act of kindness we decided that we would pay for the persons order in the car behind us at the Starbucks drive-thru. My kids thought that it was the greatest thing. They giggled and snickered in the back seat as we told them what we were doing. This teaches our children to give with a cheerful and happy heart.

I love that Mystery of History is bringing these opportunities into our homeschool. It is such a great way to get the lessons ingrained in their hearts.

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  1. Ticia February 28, 2013 at 9:34 am #

    I love MOH for this too. My kids really remember the stuff from it.

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